Complementing our core capabilities in machining, Donson provides a full range of finishing, cleaning , passivation and packaging capabilities. These include tumble and manual deburr, bead/abrasive blasting, bore finishing and specialty surface conditioning.   Additional in-house capabilities include nitric and citric passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, laser marking and epoxy-ink mark, surface decontamination, part bagging, protective packaging and bar code labeling.  Our finishing department is dedicated to high standards of consistency and quality in both cosmetic finishing and the functional attributes of each and every part.  Donson also offers sub-assembly, test and documentation capabilities as well.

Donson has long-standing relationships and alliances with local specialists providing heat-treating, plating, painting, etching, anodizing, electro-polishing, and a host of other specialty processes.  Whether operations are done in-house or by one of our affiliate companies, Donson stands behind the quality of your finished part.