Employee Training

At Donson we are committed to providing team members training, resources to grow, and access to one of the largest pools of tribal machining knowledge in the Midwest. We are proud to have grown from ten to over one-hundred and sixty people in just over forty years, all carried on the backs of hungry team members who have focused drive and curiosity into their own machining skillset. We are extremely gratified to look at our ever-growing group of machinists and specialty manufacturers, many of whom have started at square one and developed into integral cogs in the Donson wheel.

Donson was founded on the practice of on-the-job training. We love when people take the hands-on approach and use their mind, ask questions, and take pride in improving their skill set. In recent years we decided to double-down on that foundation by incorporating a custom training program and curriculum, all spearheaded and supported by our training coordinator. Whether you are a seasoned machinist or brand new to the industry, new employees will have the opportunity to begin their Donson journey in our nine-week bootcamp program. Over these nine weeks each person spends time in saw, tool crib, polishing, and inspection rotations. Each rotation provides the new-hire ample time to learn department specific expectations, processes, equipment, and quality standards… all with our training coordinator checking in and supplementing your learning with training content, activities, and testing.

Upon completion of our bootcamp each person is invited to take part in our graduation ceremony, at which point he or she is ready to move onto a department. It is at this point our industry-leading supervisors take each employee under their wing and begin ramping them up in whichever manufacturing or machining process they are selected for. Team members will be provided the chance to grow their skills by shadowing, formal education, and a lot of hands-on time where he or she gets to “figure it out” for themselves. All the while our training coordinator is here to step in and provide support to any issues or deficiencies you may have.

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