Medical Device

Donson provides high precision medical device components and equipment for applications including advanced diagnostic imaging equipment, anesthesia delivery systems as well as dental instruments. We fabricate critical components from stainless steels, exotic alloys and high performance plastics.

Many of the part applications we service are high-reliability parts which must meet the highest standards for machined components and perform flawlessly in service. We have become a certified supplier to many OEM’s, and provide dock-to-the-line parts to eliminate redundant receiving processes.  Building on its reputation for quality part fabrication and service, Donson now supplies higher-level assemblies for the medical equipment market.


Donson Machine has been qualified by major industry leaders to provide both orthopedic instruments and implants. Orthopedics has become one of our fastest growing business segments. Based on our successful track record, we are deeply involved with high-profile new product introductions as well as supplying special/custom product requirements and prototypes. We fabricate components from titanium, stainless steels, specialty alloys and medical grade plastics. Donson has worked closely with world leaders in this field to supplement its core competence in machining with adding select secondary processes to improve control, cycle-time and cost-effectiveness.

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