We are committed to investing in each of our employees and are focused on training and long-term career development. Some members of our team have been employed at Donson for 35+ years!

Donson offers a mentoring program with a mix of on the job training and online learning programs that are focused on creating a fast track to advancement opportunities within the company. Our mentees have the opportunity to work with some of the best precision machinists in the field.

Our multi-phase internal training program begins in the saw department. Following a 30-day introductory period, a mentor is assigned to each new team member for a 60-day period. In phase 3, each new Donson employee is assigned to a specialized department for 9 to 12 months, with advancement dependent upon pace of learning. Off-site training is also provided to complement the internal Donson training program, and personal development seminars are offered through numerous manufacturing organizations.

Donson has also partnered with DMG Mori Academy to provide employees with ongoing training. DMG Mori Academy provides an extensive Advance Manufacturing Skills (AME21) training program.

  • Through their partnership with AMATROL Incorporated, DMG MORI Academy offers a complete curriculum with hundreds of hours of manufacturing skills training for manufacturing employees.
  • Courses are available for machine operators, machinists, assembly workers, programmers, maintenance techs and supervisors.

Utilizing DMG Mori Academy AME21 training program, Donson developed a 6-step learning plan for employees.

  • Curriculums are developed for each employee depending on skill levels and assigned work area, i.e. Lathe, Milling and/or Quality. It will take 60 hours or 1-year to complete all 6 learning plans.
  • At the completion of each curriculum, employees receive DMG Mori certificates of completion. Donson provides to their employees a complete portfolio outlining each certificate, a transcript indicating grades, and hours logged in training.