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Donson Machine

A Bettinardi Family Business…

The ‘Bettinardi’ name is synonymous with quality in the precision machining industry. Donson Machine is one of five Bettinardi Family Businesses in the Precision Machining Industry…



Since 1983, Bryco Machine has evolved from a 1-person job shop to a 60-person precision machining facility. Bryon Bettinardi, owner and founder of Bryco Machine, brings over 35 years of machining industry experience to the company and continues to ensure that Bryco remains a leader in the manufacturing of precision metal parts.


Bob Bettinardi is owner and president of X-Cel Technologies and Bettinardi Golf. X-Cel was started by Bob Bettinardi in 1987 and has become a major supplier to the hydraulic, military, and medical OEM’s for precision milled parts.


Betts Medical is a manufacturer of precision machined medical implants. The company’s commitment to innovation coupled with its focus on design for manufacturability aids customers in bringing their products to fruition within this dynamic marketplace. 

The Bettinardi Brothers have formed a business partnership with a commitment to support customers with specialized needs including large projects that require more manpower or that may require tight deadlines. Bryco Machine, Donson Machine, Betts Medical, X-Cel Technologies and Bettinardi Golf work together when needed to make smart business decisions. Some advantages to this partnership include:

  • Improved buying power
  • Shared access to equipment
  • Reduced vendor pricing
  • Knowledge sharing